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Our EASY & FAST Adherence Pouches!

Our Clients Have Fallen In Love With Our Easy and Fast Open Pouches

Adherence Pouch

Nurses Benefit From Adherence Pouches

Today's nurses are expected to do more in less time. When it comes to medication administration, the demands can be overwhelming. That's where the Adherence Pouches come to the rescue. The easy pull-and-tear pouch reduces med pass time.

Travel Friendly

For families, a weekend with their loved ones can be a happy experience. But for the staff, it means additional work to prepare their medications. Our packaging system makes it simple to separate a few days of medications for those short trips. Plus, there is less confusion for your resident, because they'll receive the same medication pouch as they would in your facility.


Save Space, Time, and Money

The Adherence Pouches optimize the physical space needed to keep ample supplies of medication on hand. You can be more organized, use your space more effectively, and audit inventory more efficiently.

Only the medications for the present med pass are pulled so it is not necessary to return or rotate medications.


Safety is another excellent feature for our adherence pouches. Our Packaging reduces the risk of dispensing the wrong medication. Our clear labeled packages make it easy to identify and accurately administer medication against the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

Adherence Pouch
GPS Pharmacy

Better Choice Than Blister Packs

Adherence pouches are a better choice than time-consuming blister packs because they enhance resident safety because of increased accuracy. They reduce dispensing time by being organized by resident by med pass. Each pouch is clearly labeled with medications, administration time, and dose in easy-to-tear bags. They also have flexible fill cycles such as 3-4 day, 7 day, 14 day, 30 day, etc.

Pill Bottles
Medication Card
Adherence Pouches
Blister Pack

Gulfcoast Pharmaceutical Specialty offers 3 different types of packaging systems!

Pill Bottles

Blister Packs

Adherence Pouches

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