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GPS Pharmacy

Gulfcoast Pharmaceutical Specialty

- Your Pharmacy Solution -

A Pharmacy for All Your Needs

South Louisiana To Central Louisiana Coverage Area

We service facilities in:

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Covington, Alexandria and in between these areas.

(We provide individual pharmacy service to each facility.) 

Louisiana Coverage
  • Acute Care/Hospitals
  • Long Term Care
  • CCRC/Lifecare
  • Hospice
  • Correctional
  • MH/MR- In & Outpatient
  • Group Homes
  • Skilled Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disabilities
  • Special Needs
  • Residential Care
  • Adult Day Programs

Ready For Excellent Service?

"We strive hard to meet each customers needs by adapting flexible services. This is key to our success in today's environment"

Scott Black, V.P. of Operations, Director of Pharmacy 

  • Gulfcoast Pharmaceutical Specialty (GPS) will work with each facility to implement the necessary programs to meet and exceed the needs of your patients.
  • Delivery of medicines promptly to nursing facilities in packaging that is both efficient and cost effective.
  • Accurate MARS & Physician orders that are customized and delivered as needed.
  • Competent and Professional Pharmacy Consulting that ensures facility compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  • Customer service available at any time to process orders, answer questions and solve problems.
  • Nursing support and education for facilities as needed.
  • Quality assurance of all goods and services supplied by the pharmacy.
  • Working with each facility as a team to create and implement new programs beneficial to the facility.
  • Regular visits to each facility by the Director of Pharmacy and Director of Marketing.

Here’s What We Do!

  • Orders are triaged and organized in order of importance upon receipt
  • Orders are then checked by two Pharmacists prior to being filled
  • Visual check by Pharmacist after orders are filled
  • Pharmacist completes a Bar Code Scan to match drug / Rx to each patient
  • Pharmacist Delivery Manifest check - Bar Code scan matching right patient, right drug, right strength, right facility and right room
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